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Market Entry and M&A Worldwide
Orientas is an Market Entry and  M&A consultancy company with our main offices in Beijing, Brussels and Johannesburg. We have a team of dedicated consultants with wide ranging experiences to help you in your intercontinental market entry and investment projects..
Europe, China and Africa
Our Clients range from Fortune 500 companies to SME’s and Private Equity in Europe, China and Africa. We also have a large portfolio of investment opportunities (M&A and investment projects) in these three continents .
Experts in Building, Green Technology, food and mining
Although Orientas has experience in many industries, we have built an extensive network of contacts in our key industries: Building, Green Technology, Food and Mining. Tap into our network for the fastest results.

Our Key Industries

Although Orientas has experience in many industries, we have built an extensive network of contacts in Building, Green Technology, Mining and Food. Tap into our network for the fastest results.
Building & green building
Basic materials: Cement, concrete, asphalt, aggregates, lime, slag, gypsum, GGBS, glass, precast, Building products: doors/windows. Green building: precast, energy saving & energy generating.
Waste management, water treatment, air purification, energy conservation, biogas, biomass, geothermal, alternative energy, solar, wind, water, Land fill Gas, ...
Basic commodities: meat, grain, dairy, nuts, vegetables, sugar, wheat, corn, palm oil, cotton, iron ore, leather and preprocessed foods: dairy products,  frozen products, baby powder, baby foods, juice,,...
Mining commodities like gold, copper, cobalt, tin, silver, platinum, palladium, nickel, lead, Tungsten, Aluminium, Potash, Zinc, ... 

Europe, China, Africa

Europe has an enormous amount of companies, specialised in high-tech, cleantech and sophisticated building materials and technologies. We permanently extend our network within these sectors and we keep relations with a number of major M&A providers who have access to these companies  
Through our consultancy work, we are rapidly developing relationships with a large number of Chinese companies, regional governments and industry officials. Our partners have extensive experience selecting potential partners or acquisition targets and negotiating or working with them.
BRIC? A group of African countries are growing faster and stabler than the BRICs. Many investors and businesses still equate "Africa" as the continent no to do business with. This creates phenomenal opportunities for those who do know how to deal with Africa. Be among the first to explore and invest in the best countries Africa has to offer. 
Orientas specialises in market entry and investment opportunities between continents. 
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